Magni inherited the power and courage of his father Thor, the god of thunder and lightning. The prophetic Norns predicted a great future for Magni

ElementElement of Fire

LevelSoul ShardRequirementsBlessingRecoveryHero’s ExperienceInfluence
12 550Sanctuary of the Aesir 81ч 0м 0с1д 9ч 20м 0с13K960K
279 500Sanctuary of the Aesir 91ч 0м 0с1д 9ч 20м 0с405K30M
3160 000Sanctuary of the Aesir 101ч 0м 0с1д 9ч 20м 0с815K60.5M
4260 000Sanctuary of the Aesir 111ч 0м 0с1д 9ч 20м 0с1.3M97M
5390 000Sanctuary of the Aesir 121ч 0м 0с1д 7ч 56м 40с1.95M145M
6575 000Sanctuary of the Aesir 141ч 0м 0с1д 7ч 56м 40с2.9M215M
7850 000Sanctuary of the Aesir 151ч 0м 0с1д 6ч 33м 20с4.3M320M
81 250 000Sanctuary of the Aesir 161ч 0м 0с1д 5ч 10м 0с6.3M465M
91 800 000Sanctuary of the Aesir 171ч 0м 0с1д 2ч 48м 20с9.1M675M
102 550 000Sanctuary of the Aesir 181ч 0м 0с1д 0ч 1м 40с13M960M
 7 917 050   40.08M2.97B

Temporary bonuses from Aes blessing

Total Defense1%3%4.5%7%10%14%20.5%29.5%42.5%60%
Troop Capacity1%2.5%4%6%8.5%12%17%24.5%35.5%50%
Building Speed1%2%3%4%5.5%7.5%10.5%15%21.5%30%

Permanent bonuses from Aes patronage

Total Offense1%3%4.5%7%10%14%20.5%29.5%42.5%60%

Bonuses in the War of the Aesir

Offense Against Ice Aesir1%1.2%1.6%1.8%2.2%3%3.8%5.2%7%9.6%


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